Secrets Capri

capriI visited Secrets Capri earlier this summer on a visit. I LOVED it and can’t wait to go back and stay. I loved the Colonial architecture and feel of the property. It almost feels like a “West Coast” of Mexico style “mansion” versus a hotel. I also liked that the hotel was smaller than the other Secrets Resorts and everything is within reach within the hotel. When a radio station colleague was going on vacation to Secrets Capri, I could not wait to hear what he thought of it. Here is his feedback.

Secrets Capri is the perfect size resort for us 50-plus year-old baby-boomers. It’s a short walk from the beautiful lobby to the guest rooms, the pool area & right to the gorgeous beach. You’re not overwhelmed by the size. The specialty restaurants, staff and rooms are all terrific. Secrets Capri’s short distance to downtown Playa del Carmen is also a big plus!

So on your next vacation if you are looking for an adults-only hotel with a smaller feel, then look to Secrets Capri!

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