Apple Vacations’ Secret Shopper FAQs

What is Apple Vacations’ Secret Shopper program?
At Apple Vacations, we pride ourselves on outstanding service and product. While we use Vacation Satisfaction Questionnaires as our standard in customer feedback, we now want to take it to another level. We are looking for Secret Shoppers, actual participants that consist of past, present, and future customers, who will report on their complete vacation experience.

What will I have to do if I am chosen?
First, Apple Vacations will ask you to be part of one of our Consumer Panels. The Consumer Panel is set up to get instantaneous feedback on many topics that affect Apple Vacations and the industry. In order to be eligible to be a Secret Shopper, you must a member of one of our consumer panels.

What will I get for being part of the Consumer Panel?
In addition to being considered to be a Secret Shopper, panelists will receive special discounts, coupons and promo codes.

Where will you post this round of Secret Shoppers?
We’ll be notifying Secret Shoppers individually.

How many Secret Shoppers will be chosen?
Apple Vacations plans to recruit 24 Secret Shoppers in a 12-month period, beginning Sept 2010.

What will I have to do if I am a Secret Shopper?
Secret Shoppers will keep a travel diary and honestly assess various elements of their vacation experience as determined by Apple Vacations. Most importantly, you can’t tell *anyone* that you have been picked as a Secret Shopper — the key to this program working is your anonymity while traveling so you can give us honest feedback.

How will I receive my discounts?
Discounts and promo codes will be sent periodically via the email address provided in your panel record when they are available.

Can I book any of these discounts via a travel agent?
Yes any discounts can be booked through a travel agent. All bookings will need to be verified.

What is Zoomerang?
Zoomerang is a survey platform that Apple Vacations uses for surveys. We are sending emails from Zoomerang because it allow us to track and update how many surveys you have completed. We ask that you approve anything sent from Zoomerang to your inbox. Our emails will always say they are from Apple Vacations in the “From” field but will be sent from Zoomerang.

Who can I contact with questions?
Any questions can be sent to We will respond to your questions within 24 hours Mon – Thurs.

What if I can’t answer all four surveys?
If you will unable to commit to four surveys we ask that you decline from the panel. You can drop out at anytime without penalty but will not be eligible for discounts.

Do I have to travel to fill out a survey?
No there is no travel necessary to fill out the four required surveys.

When will the program be open to apply for again?
Apple Vacations has not determined when the program will be open again for submissions. We will notify potential panelists via Twitter, Facebook and email.

Is there any purchase necessary to be on the panel?
There is no purchase necessary to be on the consumer panel.

I need to update my profile but how?
Send any updates to and we will take care of your profile.

20 thoughts on “Apple Vacations’ Secret Shopper FAQs

  1. I’ve been a mystery shopper for the past 10 years and would love to be an Apple Vacations shopper! I’ve done everything from fast food, fine dining, hotels, and spas – so would be able to use all my experience to help you.

  2. I would like to be considered for a Secret Shopper. I’ve never been on an Apple Vacation but am looking at places now for vacation next summer.

  3. i am very interested in becoming a secret shopper. I have traveled with Apple vacations since 2001 and plan to use apple in the future.

  4. I just took a Punta Cana Apple Vacation and plan on taking another to Punta Cana again this year and Hawaii for Spring Break 2011. Would love to be a Secret Shopper.

  5. Have been on three trips with Apple Vacations, and love the company, so am very happy about being invited to the suvey panel/secret shopper experience. Have a background in photography, social work and counseling and love traveling, so hi, everybody, Virginia

  6. I would also love to be chosen as your secret shopper. I am currently planning on a trip to hawaii and am looking at what apple vactions offers.

  7. I would like to be a secret shopper, especially since I just got home from an Apple Vacation, that didn’t go so well and I want to help this company make sure other consumers don’t deal with the same.

  8. I go on two vacations every Winter, almost always Apple Vacations, and would love to be a Secret Shopper. I write reviews on Tripadvisor and have written reviews on other sites in the past. Thanks for your consideration.

  9. I was selected as a Secret Shopper but have not heard anything for quite a while. I am very interested in participating in this program. I love to travel with Apple.

  10. I take around 4 trips per year including family, couples, and a girls trip! Would love to share my thoughts with you!

  11. I want to be a mystery shopper. Please tell me how I can get started. I am a recent college graduate.

  12. Thanks for including me on the panel and thanks for the coupon. Going to the Pallidium in Riviera Maya in September and look forward to providing you with information!!

  13. I have taken many, many trips with Apple Vacations over the years. I would love to be a Secret Shopper! How can I get involved??

  14. Hello,

    I have been mystery shopping for many years. How can I get involved in your program?


  15. Last year I was a Secret Shopper and was unable to respond to one of your questionaire by the due date as I was on an Apple Vacation at that time. Since i haven’t received any questionaires since then, does that mean I have been removed from your Secret Shopper panel? So you will know, justyesterday I scheduled another vacation using Apple, and would like to continue on your Secret Shopper panel.

  16. why are you jerking all of us around?
    i am sure the economy is a factor, but you were promising these options??!! I have been a “potential shopper” for the last 5 years and never heard a peep or even received a comment card after being at a property.

  17. Was in Service’s for the Air force and ran Lodging, so I know what to look for

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