Final Thoughts & Tips on Panama!

  • 14Airport expansion — in anticipation of the upcoming growth, the airport is adding an additional 6 gates slated to be done by the end of next year and another runway and additional gates to be done in 2012.
  • It is a relatively short flight (even with a connection) to the US. Nonstop flights from the east coast are approx 4 ½ hours.
  • The official currency used is the US dollar. Easy and convenient – you know exactly what you are spending. There are ATMs everywhere in the city and in small neighboring towns. Things are relatively inexpensive to purchase in comparison to similar items in the United States.
  • Everything is within close proximity — the canal, the Caribbean, the Pacific, the city, all are within a 1–2 hour or less drive.
  • There are a lot of available excursions. You can swim in the Caribbean, drive 1 hour and swim in the Pacific.
  • This is not just a beach destination, not just an “eco” destination and not just a city destination— it is the combination of all three. Vacationers are likely to participate in multiple excursions. They are going to want to go to the city to eat, to shop, to see the canal etc. as well as go to the beach and rainforest.
  • Because the USA reigned over the area for so long, everything is U.S. standards, including the water which is safe to drink from the tap just about anywhere
  • Much like Puerto Vallarta, Panama is known for its restaurants and dining. The food is wonderful — tons of fusion restaurants (because of the mix of cultures), excellent seafood, Panamanian, Japanese, Italian, and steakhouses as well as familiar chains for Americans that have to see KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut to feel comfortable!
  • canal

    Panama Canal

  • Native Panamanian food is much like Puerto Rican — but not at all spicy.
  • The hotel food on average was on par with the resorts in Punta Cana and Mexico, more along the lines of a Jamaican All Inclusive.
  • Many US brands of food and liquor that are familiar to Americans are a daily staple in Panama.
  • There are plenty of places to shop! Malls and upscale stores as well as the usual local artisan stalls selling local goods.
  • There is very little language barrier — all the hotel/restaurant employees, as well as the average Panamanian, speak English.
  • The people are warm, open and very friendly much like Dominicans and Mexicans.
  • I felt safe & very comfortable walking around the city on my own.
  • Large, full service casinos on similar to those found in Nassau and Aruba.
  • Panama is a world-class fishing destination specializing in marlin, tuna, wahoo and swordfish.
  • Golf — 3 championship courses including the Summit Golf and Resort, an 18 hole course located on the east bank of the Panama Canal and designed by Jeffery Myers. The Coronado Golf and Beach Resort, an 18 hole course designed by Tom Fazio and located about 1 hour outside the city and lastly the Costa Blanca Golf & Villas located at the Decameron on Playa Blanca that is lit allowing you to play both day and night.

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