Luggage Locks — Why Every Traveler Should Use One!

tsa_accepted_locksSo when you travel, it is always wise to bring your common sense with you. It starts with packing AND TSA Approved Travel Locks! Think of all the touch points your luggage will go through after it leaves your hands at check-in. I am personally a very trusting person, but a little backup never hurts. I spoke to the Manager of our Customer Care team and this is what she recommends.

Travelers should always use TSA Approved Travel Locks. They have a special slot that allows the TSA to open and re-lock them, should they need to search your luggage. Travel locks are available in “key” or “combination” type. She recommends the combination type – so you don’t lose the key! These travel locks are available almost everywhere, check Wal-Mart, Walgreens and luggage stores. CVS currently sells a 4 pack for about $10.

A locked suitcase can also serve as a big safe in your hotel room!

Keep in mind…. Apple Vacations has never had a complaint of luggage being rifled through — or items stolen out of — locked luggage! So for some extra peace of mind, when you travel don’t forget to lock your luggage.

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