Playa Blanca Part 2

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca

I had lunch and toured the all-inclusive Playa Blanca. The hotel has a casual feel with a rather nondescript open-air front desk and lobby. The buildings are large and painted white which gives the property a stark but Mediterranean feel. The hotel grounds look a bit older but appeared fairly active. The rooms were modern and done in neutral tones. FYI — the Jr. suites are differently designed — long and narrow with a sitting room as you walk in — strange use of space. There are 2 large free form pools with a separate kid’s pool. There were a lot of dining options (5) and bars including an open-air disco, which was modeled after the deck of an old sailboat. We had lunch at Maki Sushi right on the beach. Food and service were excellent. The beach here is white sand — very wide and very long — really beautiful — I felt like I was in Riviera Maya (almost).

Visit at the Solarium Coronado Beach is a new high rise built on Coronado Beach, the area where many Americans are retiring.  This facility is part hotel and part privately owned units much like the Whaler in Hawaii. The first 5 floors are hotel rooms, which are bright and airy units with kitchens — great for families with kids. (There is a grocery store nearby) This property is EP (no meals) with a small restaurant and bar in the lobby. The main pool is built on a tiered terrace overlooking the sea and would be the perfect place for destination weddings. The view from the top floor that houses the health club and an additional pool is nothing short of stunning. One can do a complete 360 and see the mountains, the coast, and as far away as Panama City. The beach in front of the property is almost a black sand beach and very narrow during high tide. While I liked the look and atmosphere of this hotel very much, the fact that it has only 31 rooms and only 1 dining option makes it much less desirable for a typical Apple Vacationer.

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  1. Wow, Nate! Lots of questions that might be most apopprriate off line. But Glad you were able to move out of Toledo. I know that place was crushing your spirit. I hope everything works out well, and that you find work soon. We’ll keep you and your family in our Prayers.-Don[]

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