Black Friday Ideas for the Apple Vacationer!

For those of you starting your holiday shopping today, I thought I’d pass on some great gift & stocking stuffer ideas for the people on your list, who love to vacation.

1 – A fun (inexpensive) camera! I LOVE to take pictures on my vacations. Last trip I took 1500 in 2 days. The day before I left, I purchased a FUJIFILM XP. Water/ Shock / Dust & Freeze Proof camera. Perfect for beaches, ziplining & underwater shots. It’s small and fits right in my pocket and I don’t have to worry about getting it wet at the pool or dropping it on an excursion. I waited for a sale and got it for less than $150.00 at Target.

2 – Luggage identifiers. How many people have a large black or blue suitcase? Last flight, 90% of the people on my flight did. Everyone is reaching for the same bag. I found these cute ones on with one of my favorite sports teams!

3 – A travel mug. Get a team or color you like. Use them at the beach bar or pool bar. Your drink stays colder longer.

4 – A USB drive. They are very handy. When you get home from vacation download the pictures you took right on it, then attach a key-chain you bought on vacation (remember to pick one up) and your memories are preserved!

5 – Save yourself a trip to the mall and give an Apple Vacations gift certificate!

Happy Shopping everyone!

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