Fitness on Vacation!

Just because you are on vacation, does not mean you need to take a vacation from smart, healthy & fitness principles. The editors and participants from Fitness Magazine showed us all this while in resort.

My last night at Now Jade Riviera Cancun, I took a nice long walk around the resort. There were several people playing tennis, playing basketball or heading out for a jog. Instead of a gym they were using their stunning natural environment for their workout.

Even after the Fitness Group left, I found myself using the stairs instead of the elevator or reaching for fruit rather than bread.

So I want to know some more ideas. How do you stay fit or exercise on vacation? Submit your ideas and the top ideas will win a Fitness Magazine “swag bag”. Post tips here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Fitness on Vacation!

  1. I take the stairs as often as possible! On a cruise I also occasionally walk around the track at the top of the ship. At resorts I walk the beach and grounds in addition to the stairs. We also usually do some type of tour that requires some action too (hiking, walking, etc). I do have to say that the cruise tends to pack the pounds on more than AI resorts, lol

  2. I have never gained weight on vacation!! I think it’s a combination of eating all the FRESH and delicious fruits and veggies with every meal…something I’m not always good about doing at home! And it also doesn’t hurt to merengue the night away:)

  3. It seems the big draw is the buffets and rich food on the cruises; Eat a large salad with Lunch and Dinner, and taste everything! Not a heaping plateful, but a taste! You’ll find the variety amazing, and by having that big salad and not having more than a forkful of several different items, you’ll find your not starving and scarfing down a lot of calories. At the sit down meals, keep it light! Hopefully you have a husband like mine who can eat everything and anything while maintaining a great physique! I love having my healthier meal and tasting his rich one! Keep up activity on the ship; dancing every night, explore the ship, try a new sport like the rock wall, reward yourself with all the fresh fruit available! Explore the ports and take a kayak tour or another physically challenging adventure!

  4. i bring my yoga clothes…easy to fit in my luggage, no shoes required, and you can do it anywhere! we’re also really active, so we pick activities that make us work for it…hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling…there is plenty to do on vacation to stay fit and love doing it!

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