Mind, Body + Spirit Retreat with Fitness Magazine

fitnessI am at Now Jade where the Mind, Body + Spirit Retreat with Fitness Magazine is taking place. It kicked off last night with a meet & greet with Betty Wong and the Fitness Magazine editors. It was nice to meet all the groups who traveled to Riviera Maya to participate. There were groups of friends, girls getaways, groups of sisters and people who just love fitness!

I have to say I am truly impressed by this whole group. They were out at 7:30 AM this morning for a run on the beach led by Betty; and I just attended the “Beach Boot Camp” . It was fun to see all the ways to exercise on the beach using all of the “props” of the resort from coconuts to beach chairs to beach towels. Exercising right next to the ocean also provides a beautiful and serene back drop.

I am very inspired. This group is showing that just because you are at an all-inclusive does not mean it is all you can eat! You can bring all your fitness principles with you to resort, and still feel great when you get home!

Check out Apple Vacations Facebook Page for a full album of photos. We are now off to children’s yoga!

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