As I get ready to depart for my next adventure to Riviera Maya, Mexico I wanted to point out my Top 10 Travel Tips for a successful Apple Vacation. So, after you are booked and ready to go… make sure you:

  1. Check your passports! You are NOT going anywhere without a valid (not expired) passport that is also in good shape. If you jumped in the pool with it in your back pocket on your last vacation and it is now warped or pages are missing, this could be a problem.  Make sure it is valid and make sure it is in good shape.
  2. Check your travel documents. When you receive your travel documents go over all details and make sure it is the flight you were told, hotel you planned and number of nights you requested. If you advised your travel agent you wanted Dreams Cancun and they booked you into Dreams Riviera, this is all much easier to take care of before you depart.
  3. Pack what you need and be smart about it. Don’t use an overweight suitcase. Every   suitcase is weighed when you check in. If you go over your allowance, you will be charged. Check with your specific airline on the weight limitations.  Don’t over pack! And a word to the wise… don’t bring Grandmom’s irreplaceable diamond ring. If you lose it in the ocean, that’s what you’ll remember from your vacation, not the great time you had.
  4. Lock your suitcase with an FAA approved lock. You can get them for about $10.00 at any major drugstore chain.
  5. Don’t be late! Allow for extra time to get to the airport, go thru security and arrive at the gate. Leave early…especially if there is inclement weather. You’ll never regret leaving early, you may regret being late! Start your vacation on the right foot.
  6. Bring all medicine and valuables in your carry on. I always have a small strategic carry – on with my tickets, valuables and medication as well as whatever it is I need on the airplane AND for my first few hours in resort. Magazine, I-Pod, bathing suite and small travel size suntan lotion are all in there so I can hit the ground running on my vacation!
  7. Bring small bills. An extra tip for service well done is always a nice gesture and if you buy something, you will be given change in their currency. I always bring lots of $5’s and $1’s with me on vacation for tipping and small purchases.
  8. Don’t forget your sunscreen! The sun in Mexico & the Caribbean is very, very strong. Do not let sunburn ruin your vacation. Check expiration dates on your products and use generously.  My suggestion is it to apply even before you walk out of your hotel room.
  9. If something does not meet your expectations upon arrival, for example if you booked and ocean view and you have a tropical view, then speak up. Apple Vacations has resort representatives who are there to help you. Don’t wait until you come home to complain.  Speak up so they can fix the situation while you are there.
  10. Go with the flow. If your dinner reservation is 10 minutes late or the flight is booked and you are across the aisle from your travel party, don’t let it ruin your vacation.  My final tip is to have a good time!

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