Review: “Spice” at Now Jade Riviera Cancun

spiceFor my son’s birthday, he chose the Asian restaurant Spice for his “special dinner“. Spice opened at 5:30 and was available for immediate seating. You can sit at a regular table and order from a menu, or you can sit at a Hibatchi table (for 10 people) where they cook on the grill right in front of you. The menu at the Hibatchi table is pre-set for all who sit at the table.

I arrived at 6:00 and waited for the Hibatchi tables to fill, then I gave them my name so I could be in the next seating. They gave me a beeper to come back and said the Hibatchi would take “about” an hour.

We then got ready for dinner, and as we were walking back to Spice, the beeper went off. They sat us at a table with another family, which was nice since then there were several kids. Everyone at the table received sushi and soup. Then the chef made fried rice, and did several egg tricks, right in front of us. Then we each chose chicken, beef or fish as the main entrée we wanted. I chose “mixed” and they were all spectacular – especially the fresh fish. The chef prepared the meal right in front of us, with all of his spatula and knife tricks. He even set the table aflame a few times! All the kids at the tabled LOVED this! It was a fun show and very interesting to watch him cook our dinner on the grill right in front of us. The night was capped off with a birthday cake and fried ice cream. It was really a fun night for our group.

I highly recommend this restaurant. My tip is that if you want a Hibatchi table – then go early. The waiting list grows very fast. There was never much of a line for the other regular tables.

Check out Apple Vacations’ Facebook page for lots of pictures of our dinner at Spice.

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