USA3000 Airlines Flight #186 has landed in Cancun!

photo1I checked in this morning via USA300 Airlines Preferred Perks. If you want a little extra attention on your flight then purchase Preferred Perks!

If you are on your honeymoon, traveling with the elderly, or with a family it is a really “no brainer“.

What it did for me:

  1. No check-in line. There was a Private Preferred Perks line and we went straight to the ticket counter with no wait upon our arrival to the airport.
  2. Our bag received special gold tags, so they were the very first 4 bags off of the plane.
  3. We were first to board the airplane FIRST which gave me the extra time to have the bags situated, iPods, DVDs and necessities for the flight out and in place before other passengers started walking buy.

It bought me a little extra time, and a lot of extra sanity. Next stop – Cancun!

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