Why Preferred Club?

mexico-nov-11-327People say why upgrade, what are the perks?

On my recent stay to Now Jade Riviera Cancun, I had an upgrade to the Preferred Club. So what did this mean? Most hotels do have an upgraded section or upgraded rooms.

At Now Jade, upon arrival, we went thru the main lobby and into the Preferred Club where we had a private check in the Preferred Club lounge.

From that point on, our key provided us access to the Preferred Club where there were always plenty of drinks, sandwiches and snacks. There were board games available for rainy or lazy days. There were 2 computers with free internet access. There was also a Preferred Club concierge there for any assistance we needed.

Preferred Club rooms are larger. It was a full suite with a sitting area and separate living areas.  There was plenty of room for a family. There were also extra amenities in the room such as chips, candy and liquor.

The best part about the Preferred Club is the Preferred Club adults-only pool.  It’s an amazing infinity pool with a great swim up bar. On our latest trip, when our son went to the kids club each afternoon, we would head over to this pool to relax. Bali beds and upgraded lounge chairs surround the pool.

If you can afford it, it is an upgrade, I would definitely suggest it! It is well worth it. And say hi to Fransisco at the Preferred Club pool for me!

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  1. Ask your agent or if you are booking on line the recap screen will give you options for add on’s.

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