herncaneThere is no better time spent than that with loved ones, with vacations being a wonderful time to reconnect and unwind with the family.

To escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday, I leave tomorrow for a one-week vacation… yes, vacation! Without a laptop and without a blackberry… truly a vacation! I work hard the rest of the year and deserve it, don’t you?

People say “why now?” with the holidays so close and with the current state of the economy. I say “YES now, it’s the best time!” This time of year, the resorts are typically not full, right before high season and the deals are amazing. I’m taking advantage of lower rates, before they typically increase for the holiday and winter seasons.

Everyone deserves a vacation, so go ahead and log on to and pick one out for yourself.

P.S. While I am away, there will be some “Guest Bloggers” sharing their recent vacation experiences. I hope you enjoy their blogs!

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