Go Green!

It’s easy for an organization or an individual to say they are “Going Green”.  I recycle, use incandescent light bulbs, keep my heater at 68 degrees in the winter; but, I know I could be doing more . . .

I’m going to introduce you to several organizations that truly take “Going Green” to a new level.  For those of you that strive to protect our environment (and, for those of you like me that do what you can), I hope this inspires you!

Costa Rica – Sustainable Tourism

This country is one of the leaders in balancing its overwhelming tourism with its fragile and beautiful eco-system.  To further that end, the Costa Rican Tourism Board has implemented the Certification for Sustainable Tourism program.  This program differentiates businesses of the tourism sector, based on the degree to which they comply with a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management.  Based upon the below criteria, a company can rate from a level of 0 to a 5.

  1. Physical-Biological Parameters: Evaluates the interaction between the company and the surrounding habitat.
  2. Infrastructure and services: Evaluates the management policies and the operation systems within the company and its infrastructure.
  3. External Clients: Evaluates the interaction of the company with its clients in terms of how much it allows and invites the client to be active contributor to the company’s policies of sustainability.
  4. Socio-economic Environment: Evaluates the interaction of the company with the local communities and the population in general.

All partners of Apple Vacations in Costa Rica participate in this Sustainable Tourism program so that the beauty of the country will be available for future generations to enjoy!

Dominican Republic – Blue Flag Beaches

The Dominican Republic boasts 11 – yes, count them – 11 Blue Flag Beaches!  What is a Blue Flag Beach?  A Blue Flag Beach is designated as such based upon strict criteria . . .

  1. Environmental Education and Information
  2. Water Quality
  3. Environmental Management
  4. Safety and Service

This rigorous criteria guarantee that you will be vacationing on one of the cleanest and safest beaches of the world!

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