The Shore Without The Chores!!

Are you trying to figure out where you should go for your summer vacation?

Apple Vacations just made your decision much, much easier! Being relatively new to the company, I am amazed at the high quality of vacations we offer at incredibly affordable prices. As the one that handles the vacation plans in my family, I’m familiar with bargain hunting for a fun and affordable vacation. I can relate to our everyday customer. What I’ve discovered is Shore Without The Chores is really helping travelers look beyond their local shore points. Not only are they finding out it’s a far better deal but, an Apple Vacation in the Caribbean or Mexico is truly a vacation for the whole family. I’ve done my homework, and a family of 4 can enjoy an ALL-INCLUSIVE week in Mexico starting at $2999.96 atthe Grand Palladium Colonial & Kantenah, WITH ROUNDTRIP AIRFARE!!! Compared to a one week rental in New Jersey, this is a steal! It’s not just me saying this. Our friends on Facebook have been chiming in as well. Liz Ann from Scranton, PA posted “The Jersey shore is outrageous!! Why pay such exorbitant costs when you can vacation for less in paradise!?” or Robyn G. from Reading, PA shared, “We always use Apple now instead of driving to the shore! A whole trip for us has been cheaper than a week at the Jersey Shore, and MUCH more fun!”

Imagine having your vacation at a fabulous resort in the Caribbean or Mexico with crystal clear waters, and pristine beaches.  It’s more than a just little upgrade from the East Coast shore points! It’s a dream vacation for you and your family. There’s a relaxing spa for Mom, great golf for Dad, kids’ clubs and special activities for teens. Plus having an ALL-INCLUSIVE vacation means there won’t be any incremental costs of drinks/snacks/meals, or having to get groceries for the week, gas, tolls or whatever else you have to pay for out-of-pocket when you’re down “the shore”.  You will be able to relax and enjoy all of the luxuries of being on vacation, without the day-to-day maintenance of renting a shore property for the week. Spend your time on the beach, by the pool, and more importantly with your family!

Are you ready for your vacation now? Check out all the details of Shore Without The Chores.

See what else our friends on Facebook have been saying…

Kerry from Towson, MD says, “I get more for my money with Apple and I always have a great trip!”

Kathy D. from Pennsauken, NJ commented, “I live less than two hours from the Jersey shore – practically grew up in Wildwood, NJ every year. I still love it there but I only do day trips – it’s just too expensive! I have been going to Punta Cana and Mexico with Apple for the last 12 years when our friends turned us on to these great deals! Now we’re telling all our friends! It’s less expensive to with Apple plus the water in the Caribbean is cleaner and warmer! Can’t wait for Mexico in May!”

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  1. Sue – Here are some possibilties for you out of Baltimore, if you leave on Tuesday or Thursday any time from May through June (it would be $2,999 for a family of four).

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