The Value of Apple’s AVOK!

I was speaking with one of my Travel Agent partners recently and the conversation turned to Apple’s AVOK – our vacation protection.  The travel agent had clients who declined to purchase Apple’s AVOK for their upcoming vacation.  The travel agent explained the importance of not only having the ability to cancel the vacation in case of an emergency but also the protection that AVOK provides while the client is in destination in case of a medical emergency.  Still, the clients declined.

The clients departed on vacation and were having a wonderful time until about midway through their stay.  One of the passengers had a heart attack.  Of course, she was rushed to the hospital for treatment.  Finally, a week and thousands of dollars later, she was released to go home.  Not only were the clients responsible for medical bills but also the additional nights that they had to stay and the flight home.

Bottom line is that all told the clients were responsible for over $16,000 additional out of pocket!  So, when you do the math that great vacation value of $1000 per person for a week inclusive wound up costing $9,000 per person!  For a minimal investment of $49 to $99 per person, the burden of those additional expenses would have been the responsibility of the insurance company!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $16,000 lying around.  Of course, no one wants to think that something bad may happen but there is always the unforeseen to consider!  Protect yourself and your bank account!

3 thoughts on “The Value of Apple’s AVOK!

  1. Just returned from a great trip to Mexico.. While there, my wife had a minor mishap, had to see a DR and get 2 scripts for a total cost of $300.00 payable AT the DR’s office in cash…After returning, I find that there is VERY limited coverage from Medicare, and Blue Cross will pay 80 % after a $250.00 deductible and a lifetime total of $50,000…..I am now submitting a claim to AVOK and checking on their coverage in case of a serious illness, hospitalization, etc..appears to be small deductible and $25,000 coverage or up to $50,000 to be transported to a U.S. hospital…Next, I intend to find out if Medicare will then kick in since the medical ocurence was outside the U.S…

  2. Dale, overall, our customers have given us very good feedback in regard to TripMate and the reimbursements they have received when having to obtain medical care outside of the US. We are of course sorry to hear you needed it, but thrilled you chose to protect your vacation with the Trip Mate travel protection package. Please let us know if you need contact information for Trip Mate. Thank you.

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