Strolling the Malecón and ‘Old Town’, Puerto Vallarta

Malecón Bronze SculptureThe Malecón is a perfect place for a romantic stroll or to just people watch.  Evenings are my favorite time to go. For the adventurous, I recommend starting at the Center of town and walk south towards ‘Old Town’, also known as the ‘Romantic Zone’.

The first things you’ll notice are the incredible bronze sculptures set against the backdrop of the gorgeous Banderas Bay. These sculptures are true interactive art; guests are invited to touch, sit in, and in some cases, even climb on.

Further along the Malecón are local artisans, souvenir shops, street performers and the most incredible sand sculptures. Across the street are a variety of restaurants and nightclubs to appeal to almost every sensibility. And continuing south, you’ll end up in the heart of ‘Old Town’ on Olas Altas Street.  Cobble stone streets, outdoor cafes, abundant shops, and eclectic nightlife make this area a must-see in Puerto Vallarta.  Nothing can compare to sipping a tropical drink and watching the parade of people strolling by.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Malecón and ‘Old Town’, I would highly recommend doing so on your next Apple Vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

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  1. Is it truly safe to vacation in Mexico now? We have been to PV a couple of times, but with everything going on, we are hesitant now.

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