What an amazing “Xplor” Adventure!

This is an opportunity that most people never get to experience, and boy did it live up to its name “Xplor”!

Here’s my first tip, arrive early! The park is open at 9:00am, and trust me, you’ll want to have plenty of time to try all the adventures. Another little piece of advice would be to plan on spending the entire day, because there is just so much to do!

To protect my noggin’, I was given a wonderful yellow hard hat while I was in the park. They also provided me with a locker to securely store all my belongings.. Once I changed into my “Xplor” gear, I was ready to go. They have over six miles of adventure. Here are just a few options for you:

  • Adrenaline-pumping circuit of eleven thrilling zip-lines – including two suspension bridges, a slide and two water landings
  • Bone-jolting three-mile trek through the jungle on unstoppable amphibious vehicles, ATVs!
  • Underground paradise where you can enjoy a lazy swim in 75°F waters surrounded by amazing stalactites and stalagmites – and “warm-up” with a hot chocolate.
  • Incomparable rafting route of over 1000 yards, meandering through stunning subterranean caverns paddling at your own pace with your own hands!

First, Zip-Lining! There are two different runs to choose from, either the short run for beginners or a long run for more experienced Zip-Liners. I consider myself somewhat of an expert, so I went on the long run. The actual Zip-Lining is the fast and easy part of the activity. It’s the climbing back up the towers that’s the true challenge. Each run has different views, heights, and lengths of Zip-Lines to go down. The last run comes to an end with a big splash into a fresh pool of water.

Since I was already wet, next I decided to go swimming in the cool waters of the underground river. The river works its way through the underground caves that were formed millions of years ago. It was amazing! The different types of stalagmites and stalactites (mineral deposits found in caverns) form incredible configurations of art and mystery. This part of the adventure is about thirty minutes, but you can go at your own pace.

Then it was time for a bite to eat. I should also mention that there are several stations throughout the park that you can get water, juice, or a snack to tide you over until you stop for lunch. We had a delicious buffet lunch, which had a variety of fresh salads, hot and cold entrees, dessert and refreshing beverages. By the way, lunch is included in the adventure.

What’s next? We could try rafting or go on an ATV (an aquatic vehicle). I opted for the ATV. If you’re wondering why an aquatic vehicle is necessary…it’s because there are trails that drive in and out of caverns that could potentially have water in them. Not to mention all the hair pin turns! The trails also take you back through the park. I had some reservations at first, but it was such a blast! As I was driving more and started to have a better feel of the road, I was able to handle the turns like a pro. I completely lost track of time, and soon it was time to go. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try the rafting this time. I guess I have another reason to go back to Cancun!

Overall, the day was very entertaining and exciting. I would highly recommend this excursion for those that like adventure. There is a lot of physical activity so you must be comfortable walking up hills, swimming (with a life vest) and enjoy the outdoors. Here are my final tips for things you will want to bring with you: water shoes, underwater camera, extra change of clothes, bathing suit, money and a smile.

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