A simple & fun family vacation travel tip

Family vacation season is upon us. I know getting ready for family vacation can be hectic, but when you have children, put a little thought, ahead of time, into a memory you can create while you are on vacation.

An easy way to do this is to plan a photo that you will take in resort.

For example, if you frequent the same place on vacation year after year, take a photo of your child in the same spot.  You will be able to mark their growth. I take a picture of my son on the beach every year. He is 6, so now I have 6 photo’s framed in my living room of his 6 years on the beach.

Or, plan to take a family photo while on vacation. Pack something similar for everyone to wear such as white shirts, or blue shirts or jeans. Most resorts even offer this as a service and you can schedule time with the resort photographer when you arrive.

Another idea is to pack a Santa hat or novelty outfit and create your holiday card. Last week on the beach, I saw a group of 10 kids (all cousins) from an infant up to 12 years old. The family had packed Penn State shirts and jerseys for all of them and they were taking their Christmas card in the lifeguard chair. It was adorable. You can also just write the date, or a message in the sand as well.

A little extra thought not only gives you memories when you are there, but something to share with your family and friends, and a keepsake for a lifetime.

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