Customer Care in Resort – Amstar DMC. A friendly face in a faraway place!

Each day, thousands of Apple Vacationers are relying on Amstar’s services. In Mexico , the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, Amstar’s enthusiastic and service-minded teams await to tailor your vacation and to convert ordinary stays into unforgettable life-time experiences.

They have an extensive list of services, products and activities as well as a full range of transportation options, exciting and innovative excursions , and a wonderful, multilingual staff. Whether looking for pleasure and relaxation in sunny tropical surroundings, or a boost of adrenaline through exciting adventure and action tours, rest assured Amstar can fulfill those dreams.

Amstar DMC knows what it takes to surpass expectations and bring dreams to life.

When you’re planning your Apple Vacation (online, with a Reservations Specialist or Travel Agent) be sure to check out the various excursions available at your destination. Amstar has many different activities to choose from regardless if you like exciting and thrilling or prefer laid-back or romantic. It’s completely up to you and your style of vacation.  If you’ve already booked your vacation, you can still plan your excursion when you’re in resort. Just look for the Apple Representative on the property. A friendly face in a faraway place! The Apple Representatives will happily assist you book an excursion or tour. They can also help you with any questions you may have.

To see a full list of Amstar’s activities and tours visit

*Tours available in Mexico, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic only.

3 thoughts on “Customer Care in Resort – Amstar DMC. A friendly face in a faraway place!

  1. Horrible customer service. The trip from Airport to Park Royal in Cozumel on 5-28-12 was fine. We were not given any details about the return transfer so I assumed they will pick us up according to the printed itin. 20 minutes later I called customer service and waited 8 minutes at 1 usd per minute, they hung up on me. Finally took a cab to the airport at cozumel and then I was told they dont do hotel pickup and they will pay for cabbie once we get to the airport. I emailed customer service about the ordeal, never got a response. NEVER again. My first Private airport transfer with them and it’s my last for sure. Stay away

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