Customer Care, Spreading Positivity

Apple Vacations often receives positive feedback. The Customer Care Team is here to listen to our customers, as we have an elevated interest in learning about our customers’ personal experiences. Learning their personal experience enhances our goal to enrich the quality of our vacation packages, while maintaining our high standards and reputation.

The first action we take is to thank the vacationer for taking the time to commend our services. We make sure to give gratitude when and where it is due. If an Apple Representative in destination was complimented, we send the correspondence to the Apple Representative involved, and the Apple Representative Management team in destination. If the compliment is regarding the hotel, the correspondence goes directly to hotel management. Receiving positive feedback regarding our service simply reinforces the well-known standards of Apple Vacations’ travel operations.

Some Customer Care duties that are not related to client feedback include processing refunds to clients issued from the hotel, handling items that may have been left behind from passengers (, and assisting clients with AVOK claims (Trip Mate Travel Protection).

Most importantly, we maintain relationships with hotels, ground handlers and airlines, in order to benefit all of our customers. Specialists on the Customer Care Team are consistently in contact with our hotels, while working in conjunction with Apple Vacations’ internal departments to ensure a wonderful trip for all. Something all Apple Vacationers’ ought to know is that the Customer Care Team is here to listen to our customers experiences. We encourage those who have already traveled to share with us your personal experience! We would love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “Customer Care, Spreading Positivity

  1. My husband and I experienced a horrible customer care experience from an airport representative in Philadelphia who lied to us and told us our trip could be rescheduled -that they would hold our reservation up to 6 months. Upon calling, we were told this is not the case and we are either out the money, or pay an extra 800 to go one day less…know anyone who could help us recoup our money or reschedule our trip-as we were told we would be able to do.

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