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Here is a different look inside Guest Services at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe, which is just one of the many resorts we offer. I recently stayed at Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe and had the opportunity to interview the Manager of Guest Services, Andrea Gonzalas. This was a great way to see how a resort handles client issues. Andrea personally explained to me the order of operations for Customer Care in Resort. More specifically, how Guests Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a team of dedicated representatives that are able to tend to any need or resolve any concern.  Here are the top questions I asked…

MB: How does the Guest Services department communicate with our Apple Vacations Representatives in resort, if there is a customer concern? 

AG: Most times, if there is a customer concern, the guest will first contact the Apple Representative. The Apple Representative will work directly with our Guest Services department in coming to a resolution.  However, if the concern is first brought to Guest Services, our Guests Services department then contacts the Apple Representative to advise of the client situation and how the client situation was solved. We always communicate with our Apple Representatives to ensure our guests concerns are always addressed.  We follow up with a courtesy call to any guest who may contact our Guests Service department, to ensure the guest is completely satisfied.  Guest satisfaction is our goal!

MB: What is the escalation path if there is a client concern?

AG: Guests Services department is called first, and most times Guest Services is able to solve any concern brought to our attention.  The first and most important step if there is a customer concern is to contact Guests Services or the Apple Representative on resort.  Waiting to express any concern after a guest returns home makes it difficult for Guests Services to resolve any issues.

I think there is nothing more comforting than having a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will help make your stay unforgettable. If you are in resort and feel something is not being delivered as promised, make sure you speak up while in resort so you can experience the Apple Vacation you dreamed of!

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