I want to win an Apple Vacation!

Another fun part of my job, at Apple Vacations, is giving away thousands of Apple Vacations each year! We enter into promotions with radio stations, websites, newspapers, professional sports teams, at special events and even on our website and Facebook page. It makes me happy to send someone on vacation, who otherwise may have not been able to go. And I really love sending people away who have ever been on an airplane. I often get postcards and reviews of the places where prize-winners have traveled.

Apple Vacations is working on many exciting promotions for the fall and we’ll tweet them and feature them on our Facebook page. We strive to provide a winner with the same complete vacation experience and the best customer service we provide to all Apple Vacationers. Just because a prize is won, does not mean they are substandard service or accommodations – in fact, prizewinners generally stay at 5 and 6 Apple resorts.

Typically, we give away all-inclusive vacations, so ALL your meals, drinks and tips are included. The air portion and the hotel portion are considered the prize. There are, however, components of the trip that will require you to reach into your wallet.

When you travel to a foreign country and return home, there are U.S. and foreign departure taxes and airport fees. Apple Vacations pre-collects these fees; upon booking your prize-winning trip, you will be invoiced for them.

Most travel suppliers that we work with also have a clause requiring prize winners to have travel protection, and we invoice the vacationer for the travel protection as well.

In the Dominican Republic, there is a $10.00 tourist card fee upon entry in to the country that must be paid upon arrival at the airport.

Also, don’t forget Uncle Sam! You will receive a 1099 on the value of the vacation you have won from the place you won it (radio station, TV station).

Winning an Apple Vacation is meant to be a joyous event and a seamless process. That’s our goal — good luck!

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  1. i am so ready for a vacation it is going to start getting cold and i need to get away to mexico

  2. last June my husband had his bloodwork for his diabetis and his bloodwork did not look right at all. After tests having a stent put in his gall bladder, the specialist sent us to a oncologist 48 miles away telling us he is the best. we did and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. August was set up for surgery, and his ekg test came back a problem so he went in the hospital a day early and had another test that showed he couldn’t go through his whipple surgery because he needed triple bypass surgery. the next day he had the surgery and came home 6 days later. 3 weeks to the day he then had the whipple surgery for the cancer. 9 days later he got an infection in his chest incision and was put back in icu..3 days later he had surgery to flush out his chest. his chesst bone was also infected they removed the metal around it and left his chest open to drain for 6 days. They kept him sedated and took him back to surgery his 4th in 5 weeks to flush check the heart and a plastic surgery did a muscle flap on him because of not have the metal on his breast bone. he came home instead of them putting in a nursing home because i didn’t want him there. he did get better and then started chemo. Dec he inflamed on the chest again. was in the hospital again. Last month he had a bad reaction to chem, hhis last month and nded up back in the hospital for 4 days with congestive heart failure. they decided instead of doing the last 2 treatments they would take a ccat scan and see from there. to our amasement this week we found out that he is disease free…he goes back in 3 months for another cat scan and see the doctor…but we are so thankful for the wonderful doctors and nurses and all that saved my husband…If my husband is healthy enough to go on a trip I would love to take him..We have been to punta Can about 6 years ago with apple vacations and It was not only beautiful there the people were kind and everything went perfect…I felt like I was in a fantasyland…Thank you for just listening to a part of what our year has been like. Thankful to God and everyone that has been so kind to us………….Thankful for our 2 sons and five grandchildren…..

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