Thumbs up for Apple Vacations, 98.1 WOGL and RIU Hotels & Resorts

Letters like these make my day! I thought I’d share it with everyone.

I won the 98.1 WOGL vacation-a-day trip back in January. I just came back from Cancun. Many thanks to WOGL and Apple Vacations. My husband and I had a wonderful time. All of the arrangements were made for us, the only thing we had to worry about was getting our passports renewed.

The RIU Cancun was beautiful. Daniel, our Apple rep, was very knowledgeable and helpful when it came to planning our excursions. We will definitely be going back to Cancun and very likely the RIU Cancun in the future. I even have many of my friends now listening to 98.1 WOGL.

We can’t thank you enough.

Deb from PA

Thanks Deb! We enjoy hearing great feedback from all Apple Vacationers. And if you are in Philadelphia, tune in to 98.1 WOGL where they give away a vacation a day to The Caribbean. Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Thumbs up for Apple Vacations, 98.1 WOGL and RIU Hotels & Resorts

  1. Won the vacation a day trip back in January and just got back, had a wonderful time and Apple had everything arranged with no problems. Thank you Apple and wogl for a wonderful trip.

    Elizabeth from NJ

  2. I won a trip back in July 2012, Punta Cana.
    I told them I would come to the station to pick up the paperwork to be filled out.
    (waited for close to half hour for paperwork)
    Finally the receptionist brought it out to me. She told me to fill it out and send it back.
    I filled out the paperwork, while doing so, the paperwork mentioned filling out dates (3), there was no paperwork. Nor was there a brochure.
    I called Samantha and she stated that it was in the packet that I signed for. What I understood I signed for was the paperwork to be filled out and sent back. (my information and passport info)
    Samantha told me that w/o the form for the dates, and the brochure I could not go on the trip.
    I called her for the 3rd time in January; she stated “you must have dropped the paperwork.”
    Now to top it off, I am getting a tax form to pay taxes on a trip that I didn’t even get.
    This is unfair, unreasonable and just totally wrong.
    I was so excited about the trip, and now I am not happy with WOGL or Apple Vacations.

  3. I was the Vacation A Day winner on August 1, 2012 and just took my vacation in April 2013. My vacation was to the Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar in Riviera Maya, it was FABULOUS. Everything they say in the radio is so true…it was great, Apple Vacation did a fabulous job making everything go smooth. We were in heaven for the 4 days we were there, the only complaint we have was that the days all went too fast! Thank you 98.1, thank you Apple Vacations!

  4. What a nightmare. Only time I can go is during hurricane season because the resort to honor times when they are busy with paying customers. Getting no return emails from Apple vacations concerning my trip. Received a 1099 for 1,000.00 and have to pay 700.00. Not really FREE is it and even willing to pay but have to go during Dominican Repulics hurricane and rain season. Was told they would try to get me in April now I receive no return emails letting me know if I am going or night. Should be a fun time but only aggravation is all I get. I just wanted to inform people about there FREE vacation and how much fun you really have. Enjoy.

  5. It’s not really a free trip, you have to pay a large amount in taxes. for four days, during hurricane season. no thanks

  6. I told them to keep the trip. Tell me the last minute I could not go in April pic a day in May. I pick a day in May oh you cannot go in May they are only running 7 day flights in May pick a day in June. June is rain season I don’t want to spend 700.00 and get a 1099 for 1,000 to sit in the rain for 4 days. So much for a great trip they talk about. Used the money I would of gave Apple Vacation and went to Florida for a week and had a great time. Nice weather too Palm Beach is beautiful in October did not rain one day or night.

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