Just in time for Halloween: Spooky Travel from Apple Vacations

“Have you ever experienced anything spooky on an Apple Vacation?”

Several years ago, I was having a late, beachside dinner in Huatulco with friends who lived there. They told lots of cool stories about the area, like about the town of Tehuantepec, about 2 hours east of Huatulco, where the women rule the culture and whose traditional dress inspired the paintings of Frieda Kahlo. We talked about the infamous blood-sucking, cattle-killing chupacacabra, a legend that conveniently resurfaces in rural Mexico in election years when there’s a candidate who needs a boost.

But my friend Luis saved the best story for last: He was on a nighttime ATV excursion, touring the bays of Huatulco. The guided tour heads down dirt trails to explore some of the secluded beaches of the area, and on this particular night, they ended up at a quiet beach, turned off the headlights of the ATVs and took some time to admire the stars over the ocean. Shortly after they stopped, the group noticed moving lights just over the ocean. The lights got closer, and not only moved on a horizontal plane, but vertically as well. He said they watched for an hour as the lights zipped toward shore, backwards and away from shore, over their heads, back out to sea. No aircraft they knew of moved in those directions, and with that speed, he insisted. Alone on the dark beach, the group was convinced they just had a UFO encounter! They watched the lights until they finally flew away, and then the group returned to their ATVs for the trip back. Luis said for the next few nights, he returned to the beach to look for the mysterious lights, but never saw them again.

As we wrapped up dinner, my friends and I anxiously and often glanced toward the ocean, keeping an eye out for the mystery lights. Of course, we didn’t see any, but when I got back to my hotel room, I made sure the curtains were shut a little tighter than I normally would.

One thought on “Just in time for Halloween: Spooky Travel from Apple Vacations

  1. I’ve done the ‘draw the draperies tighter than ever’ and ‘pull the blanket up over my head’ tricks before. But, never, ever thought of such things while on vacation. Thanks to you, that’s changed. Great story. 🙂

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