Learning to Snowboard

Being from Utah didn’t mean that I would grow up snowboarding, even though there are eight ski resorts within 45 minutes of my home in Sandy. I first tried at age 18 and failed miserably. From my poor recollection, I was only able to flip head over feet and roll down the mountain for the entire day. I vowed NEVER to try again! However, at 30 years old I revisited the idea and decided that I wanted to try riding once again. So I came up with a plan of action.

Step One: Find a friend to go to the ski resort with me for the day. Check!

Step Two: Borrow a snowboard, boots, waterproof snow coat, snow pants, winter gloves, yoga pants, long sleeve workout shirt, beanie, goggles, and wool socks. Check!

Step Three: Find a ski resort. Check!

I enlisted a group of girlfriends, borrowed my gear, bought a day pass to Solitude Mountain Resort and off I went. I became familiar with the resort map and located the beginner’s area of the mountain otherwise known as the bunny slope. I told my girlfriends to leave me on my own so that I could take my time and avoid getting stressed out as much as possible.  I didn’t want them to waste their money hanging with me on the bunny slope and trying to teach me how to ride. I practiced all morning and then made my way to the lodge to have lunch with my girlfriends. When I sat down to have a beer and a burger on the mountain, I felt like I had just finished one of the most grueling workouts of my life.

Even though I chose not to take a snowboarding lesson at first, I highly recommend taking one the first time out. I had bad habits that I acquired while trying to teach myself. Once I made the decision that I wanted to snowboard for real and keep up with my friends I signed up for five lessons at Park City Mountain Resort. The instructors are amazingly patient! Now, after only one season on the slopes I am riding the black diamond trails and truly addicted to the sport. I bought a season pass to Snowbird Ski Resort and found my heart at the top of Mineral Basin!

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