Mancation Skication

A mancation in any of its forms includes adrenaline, risk, skill to manage that risk, and by definition men only. A skication is the perfect answer. The mountain is a place where your friends become your brothers. Whether you’re ripping through the fresh powder or cooling down on the corduroy on the way back to the lodge, sharing it with your man-friends is undeniably awesome. Stop remembering the glory days and start making more of them.

Vacationing with the wife and kids is still great, but mancations, like chickcations, allow a piece of the family to get away, recharge, and be an individual for a while.  Your buddy isn’t going to remind you of the kitchen cabinets that need replacing at home while you’re riding up the chair lift. On the other hand, the wives and girlfriends also get to avoid the testosterone –infused activities that the men want to do, like skiing down a double black diamond run that the ski patrol just determined was safe to open up. Skications are perfect getaways for new or old friends to escape and recharge. A mancation was never about replacing family vacations; it’s about having them both.

One thought on “Mancation Skication

  1. FAIL!!! Mancations are fine, but plenty or chickcations involve risk and adrenaline, too. It’s not just a guy thing.
    Going snorkeling, parasailing with chick friends to celebrate our 60th birthdays together.

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