What’s not to like about luxury hotels?

When my husband and I recently stayed at a Secrets Resort & Spa in Punta Cana, we completely lost ourselves in the elegant setting. The personalized service and the fact they try never to say ‘no’ are the main features in choosing a luxury hotel over a more traditional resort. There really are so many benefits in choosing all-inclusive vacation! You can even save money on a travel experience where you don’t have to worry about a thing because meals, drinks and entertainment are all included.

There are many additional advantages!
Among the features of a luxury hotel are knowledgeable concierges, business centers, quick laundry and ironing services, around-the-clock room service and attractive areas for business meetings or destination weddings and honeymoons. They have superior food, top shelf liquor, 24-hour room service to fit your schedule, fully equipped business centers, better gyms and more comfortable beds and sheets. My husband and I took advantage of the all gourmet restaurants while we were there. One night, during a romantic dinner, we were even serenaded with a singing duo. Then my husband decided to join in, how funny!

They meet and exceed expectations
You know all your expectations will be met because the goal is to wow you, to surprise you, to make your day in some unexpected way. Their job is to anticipate your needs, to engage you in appropriate and relevant conversation, to charm and go beyond what would be a standard transaction. My husband and I were surprised with a complimentary pool-side massage together – what a slice of heaven! Another fun activity was the nightly entertainment! They had musicians, magicians, and dancers – a total variety of fun things to enjoy. Luxury hotels go the extra measure and it makes all the difference.

Boutique hotels, like Zoëtry Wellness & Spa Resorts and Secrets Resorts & Spas, truly represent the highest level of luxury accommodations. They operate with socially responsible practices. There is exceptional service in natural and enriching environment. Overall, luxury hotels offer the utmost attention to detail that will turn your vacation in to the time of your life. I know our luxury romantic getaway was one of the best times we’ve had together! I recommend that everyone try it, go ahead splurge a little!

7 thoughts on “What’s not to like about luxury hotels?

  1. We (9 of us) stayed a SRB last week and do not concur with your reference to luxury. The hotel itself is on it’s way to earning high marks (limited Spa and gym facilities), yet the food and beverage needs help. Advertising top-shelf and serving “Regular” are not acceptable. Requesting Med-Rare and getting butterflied well are not acceptable. Waiting for a drink, while your waitor goes to the bar in another building is disconcerning. While we had a great vacation – it was more what we made of it than the delivery of the hotel.

  2. Sue, Thanks for the feedback and we certainly will share this with the hotel. We were recently made aware that the are building a new spa and gym, we apologize for any inconveniences that might have had on you. Overall we are glad to hear you had a great vacation. Thanks again for the feedback, we are always looking for ways to improve.

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