Apple Vacations Cyber Monday Secret… Shhhh.

I feel like a buzzer is going to go off at Midnight with all the great Cyber Monday deals. People will be sitting at their computers, web pages up of their favorite stores, ready to hit refresh at midnight to buy all the items on their list. We’ll don’t forget the vacation! Would you “Like” an Apple Vacations’ promo code for Cyber Monday? Then “Like” us on Facebook for this special Cyber Monday promo code. We’ll be offering a promo code for travel from select gateway markets for bookings made Monday, November 28.

Go ahead and “Like” us now so that you will be able to see the promo code Monday. If you don’t “Like” us you won’t be able to see it. It’s our Facebook exclusive code.

Here’s hoping we all get some great deals, Happy Cyber Monday to all!

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