Transfers – an Apple Advantage!

When you book an Apple Vacation to Mexico or the Caribbean, your receive resort transfers. It’s part of the Apple Advantage! Why is this so important? When you get off the airplane in your resort destination, all you have to do is look for the flowered shirts. They will assist with your luggage and escort you to the transportation awaiting you. You are then transported to your resort via motor coach or van with air-conditioning by professional drivers. There’s no need to worry once you’ve arrived. You don’t have to find a van or find a taxi, and concern yourself with paying the correct rate, and exchanging money – Apple Vacations has it all taken care of for you!

On a flight to Cancun a few years ago, I heard the woman behind me say at least 10 times that she was worried about getting to the hotel. She was a first timer, and a single traveler, on an Apple Vacation. The person in the seat next to her assured her that if she looked for the flowered shirts upon arrival, she would be fine. I travel often enough and know what to expect but there are many first timers who may not. To show how easy it is I gave my then six year old the task of finding the flowered shirts for the transfer. He may be a little more of a seasoned traveler than an average six year old, but if he can find them so easily – so can you!


Stay tuned for more stories on the Apple Advantage and an easy was to get NON STOP transfers on your Apple Vacation.

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