Do people ever really win an Apple Vacation?

Everyone wants to win a prize. But, do people ever really win an Apple Vacation? Yes they do! Here is a review from a happy prize winner from Facebook who just returned from Punta Cana.

We want to thank Apple Vacations so much from for such a wonderful trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

We really were amazed the way we were treated. We won the original 3 day fully inclusive trip but live in the Boston area. When we mentioned we would have to fly from Boston to pick up the departure the day before the trip, you upgraded us to a Boston departure, for a 7 day fully inclusive vacation!   Then when the original resort was overbooked, we got upgraded yet again to one of the best on the Island, Secrets Royal Beach. Our room was a beautiful Junior Suite with Jacuzzi and far exceeded our expectations.  The resort was fantastic, it had great food, a great location, and the staff was so friendly and helpful.

We found that the whole trip to be well run and supported by your Amstar representatives. They had all the relevant information for the resort and good advice for day trips that were available. My wife lost a bag on one of these trips and they both followed up with the outside tour operator, they found the bag and got it back to her intact.

The way we were treated was exceptional, and we would not hesitate to use or recommend Apple Vacations in the future. Our daughter who entered us in the contest said how much she had enjoyed using Apple Vacations for her vacation and how accommodating you were. We can certainly confirm that and want to thank you all again at Apple Vacations especially Susan for a wonderful (free) vacation experience.

T & D
Boston, MA

3 thoughts on “Do people ever really win an Apple Vacation?

  1. Sounds like a great trip, even after a few “changes” which sounded like changes for the best!!! Wish I would’ve gotten that trip! Punta Cana is our next planned all inclusive. Probably not until my 50th birthday in 2013, but we’re very excited!!! Congrats to that lucky couple!

  2. Sounds wonderful….this Iowan is also headed to Punta Cana in March……hope its not as windy as most say it is!

  3. We were in Punta Cana for a week the biginning of January and it was not windy at all.It was beautiful the entire week.It did rain one day but cleared up quickly.Have a great time.

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