New Pricing Rules!

Are the prices that I am seeing on travel websites higher than before?

Well, yes and no. Let me explain…and let me say, it took even a seasoned travel industry professional a few days for it to really sink in!

For months, I have been hearing about the new DOT guidelines, all prices advertised now must include “all taxes and fees associated to the airfare.” We have had meetings on it, recreated ads to accommodate the changes, and then had more meetings on it! You get the picture…

But, when it came down to actually booking my own flight, it took me a few takes to get it right. I booked 3 tickets on a late night flight for the best rate, but really wanted to leave on an earlier flight. When I made my booking, I booked a sale and hoped for a better deal later down the road. I kept stalking airline web pages to get the best rate on my vacation flights.

Every day for the past few weeks, I checked and checked to see if there were any better deals than the tickets I already booked. Finally, last week, it went down. But did it go down enough? Well, no, it was $50 more total for 3 people for this earlier flight. I decided it wasn’t that worth it and I‘d wait it out a little more. I checked the next day and still the same price. Then the light bulb went off, but wait, all the taxes were now in that advertised price! So immediately I changed my flight.

It just goes to show when comparing rates for this year to last, even this month to last month, the advertised prices may seem higher but they really may not be. Make sure you are comparing… “Apples to Apples”!

3 thoughts on “New Pricing Rules!

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