The Philadelphia Flyers & Apple Vacations

Apple Vacations is a proud advertiser of the Philadelphia Flyers, and what a great year it is to be one! In addition to the Flyers great season record right now, they also had the city and the hockey world abuzz with the amazing Winter Classic game that was played last month. 

Next time you are at a Philadelphia Flyers game, make sure you check out Apple Vacations dasher board behind the goalie, and maybe you will even be lucky enough to attend one of our Apple Vacations nights where we give away a free trip to Mexico or the Caribbean. We just had one last week, and the next Apple Vacations Night is on Thursday, 3/22.

5 thoughts on “The Philadelphia Flyers & Apple Vacations

  1. I will be in attendance to Apple Vacations night on Wednesday 3/25. Do I have to preregister? phone (856)883-8383

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