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I’m so happy it’s Spring – probably because I’m a borderline “shop-a-holic” and seeing styles change makes my heart beat but more importantly because I can combine two of my great passions in life – clothes and travel! And I love the new bold and bright colors I’m seeing! I watch my email come in with new trends and Spring Styles that have already started flooding department stores and boutiques.  So what does a girl like me do to prepare for vacation to the Caribbean or Mexico? I have to make a list of what I’ll need.

There are plenty of hard to ask questions that every girl has to ask herself while she’s packing for a getaway.

Flip-flops, wedges, or both? Bikini or One-piece? You get my drift…

I’m happy to see that full bathing suits are more in trend then those barely there string bikinis. So I’ll need a few different styles of bathing suits, cover-ups, sunglasses, and wonderful beach tote to carry my essentials.

Note – leave your designer bags at home, you can get by with a tote and wristlet no problem. You really only need a place for your room key, smartphone, and a lip balm.

Another staple for a tropical vacation is a good “going-out” dress (and shoes if your luggage can handle another pair). Besides your daily swimsuit and cover-up gear, you’ll need something for the wonderful dinners you’ll be having in the evenings and something fun to dance in at the discos if you’re up for it.

Now as far as toiletries go – with all the TSA regulations and baggage fees– who can keep up? It’s a safe bet that less is more in this instance. Embrace your wavy beach hair and let your sun-kissed glow do all the work.

With all these little style tips hopefully you’ll be more organized packing – and can focus on the wonderful vacation you’ll be on. Relaxing by the pool, on the beach and enjoying the company of your travel companions.

Here is my essential packing list for 3 night – 4 day getaway:

  • 2 bathing suits
  • Pair of flip-flops
  • Pool/Beach cover-up
  • Little black dress (you know the drill – you can dress up or dress down)
  • Light Sundress for casual
  • Capri’s and/or Bermuda shorts
  • T-shirts, tank tops, halter tops – bright colors and prints are definitely in style
  • Sweater just incase
  • Accessories – belts, wraps, funky jewelry, and sunglasses can complete any outfit
  • Toiletries & Unmentionables

What are your Tips for Stylish Travel?

2 thoughts on “All-Inclusive Style

  1. Love your post! Definitely a good list of things to take, especially the tip about leaving behind your big tote or hand bag. Personally I like the Caribbean for vacationing, have you ever went to Sandals? It’s especially nice because you don’t have to worry about taking cash around because everything is all inclusive, just a bathing suit and a camera; that’s all you need 🙂

  2. What I do is to lay everything out and then halve everything . And even then , there are items of clothing I never wear .(take extra underwear of course . I only take ONE swim suit and rinse it out daily .I also only take one carry on suitcase .Takes effort and planning but once you have a system down…it is certainly easier .

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