Destination Wedding Ideas with Personality

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Couples are incorporating more and more creativity into their wedding photos in exotic locations. From themed props and accessories to exotic modes of transportation and natural scenery, here we highlight some of the ways couples are really using the destination to their advantage in order to showcase their personalities and style within their chosen locale.

Trash the Dress

One of the more daring wedding traditions we’re seeing couples partake in is a “trash the dress” ritual.  Typically, the day after the wedding, newlyweds (and sometimes their bridalparty) will put on their wedding-day ensemble and drive into the ocean, splash around in a pool, or play in the sand.  It incorporates the couple’s quirks and personalities and many say it’s a daring, dramatic, and fairly romantic gesture.  It sounds like fun, if you ask me, and it’s sure to make an awesome addition to the wedding album!


Playful Pics

Windy weather?  Have the bridal party hold parasols or umbrellas on the beach together.  Let the umbrellas turn inside out and choose funky poses for a relaxed, fun look.  Pick colors that match your theme to tie it all together with the rest of the occasion.

If you’re anywhere near a beach, there tends to be plenty lounge chairs and hammocks lying around.  You can be sure to benefit from these beach-related props by setting them up in a variety of arrangements.   Everybody is sure to look happy and relaxed, isn’t that the look you were going for?

If there is a golf course nearby, see if you and your gang can use the golf-cart as a focal point to gather around, in, and on.  Try a similar technique with a convertible, motorcycle, or trolley.

There is sure to be plenty of water surrounding you on your big day.  Whether it’s a Jet Ski, surfboard, canoe, or speedboat, the motion of the ocean is sure to bring out some good shots between you and your beloved or even the whole group!

Take a picture as newlyweds and kill two birds with one stone by writing your names and your wedding date, “Just Married,” or “Thank You” in the sand and make it double as your thank you cards.

Arrive (or Depart) In style!

Give your guests something to remember when you roll (or fly, or float, or trot) up to your wedding ceremony.  Make a statement atop of a white horse trotting along the beach, let your hair blow in the wind as you come rumbling in on a motorcycle, or pedal yourself up to your own ceremony on a vintage-looking beach cruiser followed by an entourage of your wedding party.

Or, let your guests’ mouths drop as you and your sweetie make a dramatic exit out on a speedboat or private canoe.  Fulfill that dream of feeling like a prince and princess and make your grand getaway via a romantic horse-drawn carriage.  Think big, hot-air balloon rides and helicopters are sure to make your grand entrance or exit extra-special.

The sky is the limit!  Anything fun, exotic, or just plain goofy at your location could be the perfect creative touch to your wedding day! Check out our destination wedding ideas on Pinterest!

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