Kermit was wrong, it IS easy being Green! Even on vacation.

Just because you are going on vacation, does not mean that it is time to take a break from the environment. There are a few SUPER-SIMPLE tips you can keep in mind when you travel.  The principles, reduce – reuse – recycle, should also be applied on your vacation.

1 – I always buy a magazine or two to read on the flight. Upon arrival in resort, I would always toss them away.  A few years ago I was talking to the girls in the kids club and they were thrilled to receive my magazines.  Don’t throw them away, pass them on!

2 – Don’t stop at the travel size aisle!!! The cost of these items seems reasonable. $.99 cents or $1.29 for a travel size and they are easy to pack. But when you compare a travel size toothpaste and shampoo to a regular, the cost is actually inflated per ounce. And obviously, you will go thru it much faster creating more waste.   Now what I do is, buy the larger size and bring it home – especially for toothpaste.   Or buy the larger size and just take what you need. Invest in travel bottles that you can re- use for each trip!

3 – I personally never use the soap or toiletry items left for me in a hotel. This is for a vacation or even on a business trip.  But, these are perfect sizes for your local shelter. My son’s school collects travel sizes every year, so I don’t even have to do any research on where to drop them off.  I collect them all in a basket after each trip and then send a box to school each year.  Saint Francis Inn, in Philadelphia is who we collect for.  I am sure there is a local shelter or VA near you that would be happy to accept them.  Go ahead! See how many you can collect in a year to donate.

4 – Reusable mugs.  I learned this trick a few vacations ago, and thought to myself why did I never think of this before???? Take an insulated or plastic mug on vacation with you and re- use for all of you beverages.  For water you can refill it versus continually buying bottled water. And if you have a mug, you can take it to the pool bar and have your cerveza or margarita poured right in the glass! For water, I love the bottle by Vapur. They roll up and pack easily when you are not using them. In use, they have clips for a stroller or backpack.

For the pool bar, I like something a little more insulated to keep my beverage frosty.  Like this one.

5 – Is the most simple tip of all, and may be common sense for most, hang up your towel!  We all see the signs when we check-in to a room, to please think of the environment.  In most resorts, if you leave them on the floor or the bed, they will take it and leave you new towels.  When you are away, think about how many towels you use in a day between the pool, Jacuzzi, the room… The amount of water and detergent a hotel uses is insane. Do your part in reducing water consumption and hang up your towels. If they can be reused, then go ahead and hang them up!

So these are my tips, what are yours?

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