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As an employee of Apple Vacations, and as someone who has been in the travel industry for over twenty years, I often get asked on Facebook, by friends and family what’s the best ________ ? (Fill in the blank). So I have taken all of these questions and polled Apple Vacations employees, so we can share our expertise and help you make your travel decision. Each week I’ll be featuring the answers to these questions.

This week I have tackled sunsets. Where is the best sunset you have ever seen on an Apple Vacation? A photo-worthy place, perfect for a romantic dinner, a place to pop THE question or to steal a moment with a loved one.

Survey says … Negril, Jamaica and Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta received an overwhelming response for having the most amazing sunsets. Experiencing a sunset in Puerto Vallarta is a heavenly experience. It is like watching a sunset in “Oz“. On one side there are the magnificent Sierra Madre Mountains, then on the other side the sun looks as though it is setting right into the ocean. There are innumerable places to catch a sunset, and each one is better than the next.

Negril, Jamaica was the other favorite location. Negril is at the western tip of Jamaica and is known world-wide for amazing sunsets and a gorgeous Seven Mile Beach. Both are truly breathtaking and I have been able to experience both first-hand. Besides grabbing a spot on the beach, there are many unique ways to take in a Sunset (or several of them). If you want romance, there are several sailing and catamaran excursions where you can experience a magnificent sunset from right on the water. However, one of the most popular and fun recommendations is to head out early for a cold drink or meal, and watch the local cliff jumpers at Rick’s Café, and stay for the view and stunning sunset. A visit to Rick’s Café to see the sunset is a must do in Negril.

So, do you agree? Where is the best sunset you have ever seen on an Apple Vacation?

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  1. This is so funny! I clicked on the site to say where my favorite places were for a sunset and they were EXACTLY the 2 you mentioned, Puerto Vallarta and Negril, Jamaica. We just returned from a trip to Negril, Jamaica and most of my photos were of sunsets. We made a point to watch it every night we were there! Sometimes a catamaran was on the water, other times wedding parties were on the beach snapping photos too. One night we had just returned from a catamaran trip and were sitting in a hot tub with others that we met on the boat. Everyone of us grabbed our cameras and jumped out of the hot tub to take a photo of one of the most beautiful sunsets! Each time we have returned from our Apple Vacations, our sunset photos have become our screen savers. It helps us get through the “grind” until our next Apple Vacation.

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