Take a family Apple Vacation to Mexico or The Caribbean – It’s The Shore Without the Chores.

OK, The Shore Without the Chores – You have heard Apple Vacations advertised it for years. A week in the Caribbean is less than a week at the shore, but no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry – just fun! Well, is it true?

I am a here to testify yes, yes it is! Yes, yes, yes!

Last summer, I needed something simple. I didn’t have a lot of time to plan.  So I decided to do a week at “the shore”.  It was against the grain of what I have preached for years, but I always loved the shore as a kid. So we’d do it.

I thought, well I’ll rent a beach house on “off – week” to get a break on the rent, and we’ll even get a place a few blocks from the beach.  We’ll go down over Easter and buy the ride tickets when they are half price. If I really think about it I can do it for a good rate.

What was I thinking??

The first  day after lugging a “cart” full of beach chairs, shovels, toys, umbrella’s, beach towels, beach bags, snacks, drinks and a child across 3 roads, I thought I may have made a mistake.

The second day when the fridge stopped working, and all of our groceries had to be tossed, I was again questioning my decision.

The third night when we paid over $40 for pizza and drinks on the boardwalk for dinner, I knew I was done.

Not to mention, why am I doing laundry and cleaning up on MY vacation?

Even with strategic planning, I had to admit, that a week in Mexico or The Caribbean would have saved us thousands! We advertise it on our flyer, based on a family of 4 and it could not be any more true.  For our family of 3, we did not make the correct financial decision.

A small one – week rental was $1,500.00. This was an OFF week in June and NON beach block.  $200 in groceries before we left (juices, water, bread, cereal, snacks) and another $200 once we got there.  Another $100 a few days later to restock after the fridge went bad.  I had to buy a beach Umbrella and 3 chairs before we left. $150.00.  I even had to spend $60 on sheets and pillow cases, because the bed sizes in the rental we did not have at home.  Lunch every day, the ice cream truck that drives to the beach, dinner out a few nights,  a night out for mom and dad, a babysitter, cab ride, boardwalk, gas, parking, mini golf,  snacks, drinks, rides, go carts, beach tags … it all adds up!

I honestly do LOVE the shore, luckily we live close enough we can do day trips. But for a family on a tight budget the better decision for us is right now is Mexico or The Caribbean. Needless to say, guess where I am going this summer? Mexico here we come!

Stay tuned to this blog the next few months as we feature some family resorts for you to consider this summer so you too can experience….The Shore Without The Chores. Sheets and pillow cases included.

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