Trip of a Lifetime at Secret’s Capri Riviera Cancun part 1

The least expensive vacation – is not always the best choice.

My brother wanted to go away, so I booked him on an Apple Vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico. He wanted to go away the week before Easter , which books early and is typically more expensive since it is a peak holiday week. But that was the only week he and his wife could go. I researched a bunch of locations, kept an eye on rates, and we found a good hotel at a GREAT price for a week in Riviera Maya, so we snatched it up. I was so happy to snag him a really great deal for such a popular week. Kudos to me!

As time got closer I started to panic a bit. It was a GREAT deal but… He was going to be there a full week and the hotel only had 3 restaurants. I didn’t know anyone who stayed there, so I didn’t know how the staff or service would be. It was far from the airport and they did not have non stop transfers…But, he does not travel that often so I was sure he would still like it. But then again, that itself was the problem. I am sure he would like it – but I wanted him to LOVE it!!!
The week before I called him and we decided to upgrade him to Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun. It was more money, but I knew it would be worth it. I have been there on a tour and know it is gorgeous. I actually desperately want to stay there myself, as soon as I can convince myself to take a vacation without my son. It is adults only, so perfect for a couple traveling alone. The service is spectacular, there are 6 restaurants, a stunning pool and a beautiful beach. And, he would now have non – stop transfers. I knew his expectations were high, and I knew he could pay a little more, so upgrading for him was the right choice.
For many people budget is super important and I totally get that. With a great deal, it allows people to travel, that may have otherwise not been able to. And it allows frequent travelers to go more often. But if your expectations are high, make sure you book a vacation that will meet those expectations.
So my brother called me on his way home from the airport and said he had 4 words for me … TRIP OF A LIFETIME. Which was exactly what I wanted to hear.
Stay tuned to this blog for his upcoming review of Secrets Capri Riviera Cancun.

2 thoughts on “Trip of a Lifetime at Secret’s Capri Riviera Cancun part 1

  1. Loved Secrets Capri! Been to Cancun/Riviera Maya 23 times and Secrets Capri is my favorite resort stay, by far!

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