Best. Flight. Ever.

My bags are finally, completely, 100% unpacked. Yes, we returned home about a month ago. Don’t judge. I finally committed to dramatically shaking out my beach bag and watching the last teeny tiny remnants of beautiful Maroma sand slowly, and sadly, fall to the floor. So not only is vacation over, I also have to vacuum. Awesome!

Ok, here we go. Naturally the beach was fab, the drinks quite tropical and the food amazing (seriously, if anyone can FedEx my fiancé and I Himitsu’s Tempura Ice Cream, we’d be forever grateful), but, but, but, one part of my vacation I often gloss over, is the flight.

Let me just say: Best. Flight. Ever.


I’m usually just a bit “meh” about the whole getting there part, and I’m certainly very “urgh” about the entire coming home part. To make the time in-flight pass as quickly as possible I’ll read (rarely), work (sometimes), sleep (more like it), and play Mario Kart (there it is). This time? Not so much.

I flew Frontier for the first time ever from Philly to Cancun. I got Preferred Perks as per usual, and during check-in I was given an envelope with 4 drink tickets and 2 snack-box tickets (presents!). Let’s do the math: Drinks on a plane are about $7 each, snacks and meals can be the same… so I basically paid $39 to receive $42 worth of goodies PLUS get more legroom, priority boarding and super-speedy baggage handling.


So we board, take -off, hit our cruising altitude and, much like good old paper money, my coupons start burning a hole in my pocket. So I got a drink. A snack-box. And another drink because well, why make two trips?

By the way, it’s ok to drink Chardonnay before 10am if you are on vacation, the flight attendant said so.

So here I am,  happy girl with a tray table chock full of practically free goodies, and I look over to see I’ve lost my fiancé and his refreshments to watching baseball, football, jai alai or some other sport of sorts on TV. (Yep, there’s even TV!)
So even airborne somewhere over the Carolinas, I still can’t escape sports.  But wait!  I start to flip through MY channels on MY own personal television and, bye-bye SportsCenter, hell-o Bravo and Food Network. Not only do I have snacks and drinks, I now have almost three hours of solid Real Housewives and Barefoot Contessa. Sold!

Needless to say, the video games didn’t come out once. My vacation started literally the moment I stepped on that plane. I know it seems small, but I really, thoroughly enjoyed getting to my destination. And ya know what? Frontier made the ride home a bit more bearable, too. Overall, two very enthusiastic thumbs up! Thanks for sending me off, and brining me home in style, F9! Let’s do it again soon.

PS: Yes, I brought my parents and they had an absolute blast, too.  Truly good times had by all.

Happy travels!

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  1. Sounds amazing! And yeah the getting there bit is always a tedious experience. I hate it that usually flights with crappy services get away with it and good airlines don’t get the recognition they deserve. I bumped into this site which is still pretty basic but I think its undergoing a revamp, and its a platform where people come to read and write reviews based on their flight experience. What’s great is users can also suggest airlines that the develper may not have included. And most importantly it helps me get value for my money! 😀

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