Mexico with Mom!

Since the day I joined Apple Vacations over 5 years ago, my mother never missed an opportunity to ask, “So when are we going on a trip?”  In November of 2009, I decided it was time to fulfill her request.  It was the best vacation of my life.

I decided to totally go for it, and booked a whole week down in the Riviera Maya for Mom and me.  We stayed at the Iberostar Lindo and were immediately blown away by the beauty of the resort.  We must have looked like two teenage girls upon check-in– laughing, smiling, and practically jumping up and down as we were escorted to our room with refreshing cocktails in hand.

Mom and I had all these grandioso plans to go on excursions, go snorkeling, go “into town”– yeah right.  Every morning we’d look at each other and say, “Let’s just go to the beach and maybe we’ll feel like leaving the resort tomorrow.”  We never left the resort. Each day Mom would wake up before me and make coffee in the room for us (Yes, talkabout a lucky daughter!).  We’d sit on our balcony with our coffee and listen to the birds before heading to breakfast.  After breakfast, we’d relax by the water, eat lunch, and then take a walk around the property.  Everyday we discovered some new vegetation or newanimal.  We particularly loved the coatis, and were always highly entertained by their antics.  After our walk, we’d shower, grab a martini at the lobby bar, and then head to our dinner reservation.  In the evening, we’d attend the Lindo’s nightly entertainment show in their open-air atrium and were amazed about the high quality of the performances and choreography.

I felt like we were “celebrities”, as we became friendly with the various workers and entertainment staff at the Lindo.  Upon seeing Mom and me come for dinner, the one bartender would jokingly say, “Hola!  There is my wife and mother-in-law!  How was you day today?”  At breakfast one day, a member of the entertainment staff ate with us and talked to us about her family and home.  It made me feel good that Mom and I seemed so approachable, and the relationships we formed with the resort staff made our trip that more special.

To this day, I can’t help but smile and shed a happy tear when I think of that trip.  I don’t get to see my mom that often, and having memories like this are priceless.  We still, years later, always talk about our time together in Mexico—  it is an experience that we will always have together.  Thanks, Mom, for being my travel partner, beach buddy, and best friend.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. jill! its so hard to find u with out internet! omg! i miss talking to u so much! hit me back. we need to catch up.

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