Beach Lover’s Paradise

It doesn’t get any better than Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun.  This adult’s only resort, nestled on the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is located on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen.  The pure white sands and crystal clear, bright, turquoise water is the closest thing to a beach lover’s paradise. 


Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun - Ocean View


Recently, my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to stay and experience all that Secrets Maroma offers.  Secrets Maroma has 8 restaurants, 7 bars, 2 pools, a Secrets Spa by Pevonia, and endless day and evening activities.  We enjoyed kayak tours, archery, cooking lessons, Beach Olympics and tequila tastings. Secrets Maroma also hosts a wide variety of night shows every night of the week including a Rock of Ages show, a comedy show and a Fire show. All of these shows are spectacular and very professionally done.


Rising up over the opal waters of the Caribbean, Tulum is an archaeological gem, standing guard over pristine tropical shores like a proud great, great grandfather. Tulum is the only walled Mayan coastal city ever discovered and has fast become one of the most popular sites in Mexico.


During our trip, we booked 2 excursions through Apple Vacations.  The first was called Tulum Jungle Maya.  This is perfect for those who are interested in learning about the local culture and history of Tulum but also want an adventure.  Our tour guide picked us up in the lobby and was very friendly. We were briefed on the day’s plans that included a tour of the ancient Mayan City of Tulum, zip-lines and snorkeling in one of the many Cenotes of Mexico. Cenotes are underground fresh water rivers that span throughout the Mexican terrain. These Cenotes make up the second largest underground river in the world. When we arrived at Tulum we were schooled on the city’s history, then we were allowed to roam about to take pictures as well as take in the breathtaking views from the city’s outer limits. The city of Tulum is absolutely stunning, set on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean. 


Purification Ceremony

After the Tulum visit, we were driven to a Mayan ranch to participate in a Mayan purification ceremony located in a sub-tropical rainforest. The Mayans believe that going underground and purifying your body through the ritual symbolizes death and being reborn. This ceremony is supposed to transcend your body from old to new, and it was very interesting to take a part in the ceremony which was held in the ancient Mayan language.  After the ceremony the adventure begins. We started by rappelling down a 50ft cavern into the Yaxmuul Sac-Actun Cenote, a natural pool where you snorkel through beautiful rock formations.  Afterwards, we flew through the jungle on 3 different zip-lines, the last of which dips you into one of the many openings of the Mexican Cenotes.  Just when you think the adventure is over, you board a cross country all-terrain Mercedes Benz Uimog vehicle that takes you through the rain forest but you’d better hold on, because it is very bumpy but fun ride. It was a fun filled day packed with oohs and ahhs as well as a high entertainment value. This excursion comes highly recommended.


Experience the thrill of flying 20m ( 66 ft) over the jungle canopy on a 580m. (1,930 ft) long zip-line circuit. The longest "zip" is 260m (865 ft.), the longest & fastest in the region! We will prepare & gear you up to rappel 18m. (60 ft) into the depths of an underground river.

We love to snorkel so our second excursion was the Mayan Adventure.  This excursion lets you explore 3 uniquely different eco-systems.  A calm, isolated inlet where you can zip-line and jump off to the Cenote.  Then you explore an underground river cave Cenote filled with stalagmites, stalactites and small river fishes.  The 3rd is a natural Caribbean inlet filled with coral reefs and a variety of tropical marine life as well as endangered sea turtles.  If marine life is your thing, this excursion is a must.


Six à la carte theme restaurants, and six fabulous bars ranging from elegant to swim-up will delight your senses and satisfy all your culinary desires.

During our week’s stay at Secrets Maroma we were able to experience the best that resorts have to offer. The resort had great service, exquisite food, relaxing beach views, and incredible amenities. Through my experience with all-inclusive resorts,Secrets Maroma, is by far the most impressive experience. From the wonderful staff to the picturesque beach this resort is a complete package. No request is over the top, no appetite goes un-filled, and no ambience goes unfulfilled. It doesn’t matter whether you want a relaxing, quiet experience or a fun filled experience filled with good music and cocktails; Secrets Maroma has it all. It is an unforgettable experience that has my boyfriend and I counting down the days to our next experience.