Does the Apple Vacations App Work in Destination? Yes It Does!

On a recent work trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, I think I found my new favorite destination and resort…Secrets Marquis Los Cabos!  The destination was beautiful – think desert meets ocean paradise – it was so gorgeous! And where do I start about the hotel Secrets Marquis Los Cabos – it was amazing, with huge rooms, the staff and service was off the charts and the food was to die for! Make sure you check out this resort if you come to Cabo – because you will be blown away!

 Ok, getting back on topic….the Apple Vacations On The Go App! I am sure many of you have young kids or family members at home that you need to stay in contact with, even if you are on a vacation! Well, this Apple Vacations App is perfect for you!  I was a little unsure if the “Traveler Connect” portion of the Apple Vacations On The Go App was going to work. The only reason I was unsure was because I know it’s been tested on the east coast of Mexico, like Cancun & Riviera Maya as well as Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, but I wasn’t sure if it was tested and worked here in Los Cabos, where I was.

  Well, it worked perfectly, I was so happy! I could call home as much as I wanted to check on my baby boy, I think I called home too much my husband was starting to get a little irritated as to why I kept calling 4-5 times a day!

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos Infinity Pool & Ocean View

I was shocked on how easy the “Traveler Connect” was to use – I am not very tech savvy so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use it. Boy was I wrong – you just have to make sure the person you are going to text or call has the App Downloaded & you must give them your booking # to sign in with. After that, you both create a profile for each other & make sure you both are “Friends” then you can call or text as much as you want! (A little too much in my case.) Important that you know; You have to be located in a WIFI Area in your hotel to access the Traveler Connect feature. Also, don’t forget, if you purchase this APP you can post all of your vacation photos to Facebook & Twitter and all your friends and family will be jealous of how much fun you are having on YOUR Apple Vacation! Don’t forget with this Apple Vacations App you have access to vital travel info, one touch calling to your Apple Rep, & it even allows you to check your flight status, book excursions, check the weather outside & even get discounted local offers at vendors like Starbucks…..all within this one app! So what are you waiting for download the Free Apple Vacations On The GO App & Corresponding Traveler Connect for only $14.99 today and stay connected with your loved ones!





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