Panama – One of the hottest places to vacation in 2012!

In what country can you go for an early -morning surf in the Pacific ocean, then have a leisurely breakfast gazing at the Caribbean Sea, about an hour away? You can only accomplish this in Panama!

Panama is home to a sleek city, hundreds of picturesque, deserted islands, densely forested wilderness, active volcanoes and exotic wildlife. A variety of activities are popular in Panama including world – class fishing, surfing, kayaking, jungle and mountain trekking, rappelling and white-water rafting.

Salomón Shamah Minister of Tourism of Panama, Tim Mullen, President of Apple Vacations with Kate Murphy from Wings Travel Group and Ernesto Orillac   Vice Minister of Tourism at the Philadelphia event.

I spent the past few days attending roadshows across the East coast of the U.S. where the Minister of Tourism personally came to meet some of Apple Vacations’ key travel agency accounts, as well as our own staff, to extol the virtues of Panama. He brought along many government officials and hotel representatives as well. I have to say I was very impressed.

Many people think of Panama as just the canal used for transport, and that is true, but the canal is a tourist destination itself.  Panama also has a region for every Apple Vacationer if you want a city, beach or even a rainforest vacation. 

Panama City is sleek and very modern with the backdrop of history.  It is a thriving cosmopolitan city blending contemporary buildings, cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture from centuries long ago.  The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower Panama is an architectural masterpiece in Panama City.  

If you are a beach person, looking for a new beach destination, Panama’s beaches will not disappoint! They have hosted world surfing championships.  The resorts include many well – known names including The Westin, Sheraton and Royal Decameron. 

If you want adventure and majestic beauty then head for the rainforest, where another region with spectacular resorts within Panama’s exquisite natural beauty can be found. 

And, if you can’t decide and want to experience every aspect of Panama, then look no further than the Apple Vacations 7 night highlight tour

But don’t just take it from me, The New York Times named Panama one of THE places to visit in 2012. New York Times – Travel  and Travel & Leisure named Panama one of the hottest travel destinations of 2012. So go ahead, take a look at Panama for your next Apple Vacation.

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