All Eyes on the Eye

I am anxiously awaiting the opening ceremonies for the Olympics this Friday night! I am over scheduled every weekend for the rest of the summer, but not this weekend. I cleared my schedule so I can soak in all of the Olympic excitement. I really enjoy visiting London and can’t wait to see the television coverage of the athletes, medal ceremonies, competitions and simply the beautiful country.

 I saw this story today and thought that is was really timely and innovative. And, it combines 3 things that interest me right now – London, social media and The Olympics!

If you want to know the mood of the people in The U.K. – just look to the London Eye. The color of the lights on the Eye will represent the positive and negative feelings of the country, as judged by their tweets! Also, lights representing the British flag will display each time they win a medal. How super cool is that! The data is real time and will change as sediment changes. London will be having a lot of social media fun at The Olympics.

I can’t tell the story better than the Wall Street Journal so here it is:

So tell me, is the London Eye on your “to visit” list on your next Apple Vacation to London? I know it is on mine!

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