An Apple Vacation …. or Jersey shore?

I often tout the merits of travelling on an Apple Vacation in the summer versus the Jersey shore. A week in the Caribbean is less than a week at the shore… and a lot less stress!

If you have been procrastinating, there is still time to plan a last minute Apple Vacation this summer to Mexico or the Caribbean.

Or, if you are already done the family vacation of 2012, then start planning early for next year! As a reminder to shore-goers we have several ads placed throughout popular beach locations including billboards, taxi’s and even on the boardwalk.

There is no better time spent relaxing than with the family, on an Apple Vacation. Meals, drinks, tips, activities, sheets and pillow cases are all included. Snooki not included.


Shore Without The Chores


Shore Without The Chores


Shore Without the Chores


No Cooking, No Cleaning, Just Fun!


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  1. Hi Kim, thank you for your feedback. As we have already advised you and your husband, our Customer Care team will work directly with you and your agent on this matter. We appreciate your patience. Thank you.

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