Falling in love with Cancun, all over again.

Ocean shot from Iberostar Cancun.


Apple Vacations has been sending vacationers to Cancun for well over 30 years.  It’s crazy for me to think that my first vacation there was over 20 years ago.

So much changes year to year in any destination, but Cancun recently has had so many new developments. It really is an entirely new destination.

So many people say to me “I went to Cancun for spring break” or “I went to Cancun or before I had kids, I want to try a new place.”  Even just yesterday someone said those exact words to me at a baseball game. I tell them Cancun IS a new place. It’s an entirely new resort destination with so much to offer. There are amazing family resorts and several new upscale resorts which have opened in the past few months, or are about to open.

Recently, I was lucky enough to spend a week and experience all the beauty, charm, cuisine, history and hospitality of Cancun. I can’t wait to share my reviews and photos of the destination and the hotels I was able to visit such as Sandos Cancun Luxury Resort, Secrets The Vine Cancun and Iberostar Cancun.

Meanwhile, here are my top 3 reasons why YOU should book an Apple Vacation to Cancun:

1 – It is easy to get to. We left in the morning and were on the beach by lunch! From the Mid-Atlantic region the flight to Cancun is only about 3-3.5 hours depending on your departure airport.

2 – There is a hotel for every lifestyle and budget.  Big or small resort, all inclusive or no dining package, family resort or adults only, simple or deluxe – there is a hideaway for everyone.

3 – Cascading pools, white sandy beaches, the turquoise ocean.  The destination and the resorts are striking.


Here are a few of my shots from my recent trip.  This is why I love Cancun!


Pool at Iberostar Cancun overlooking the beach and ocean.



Birds eye view from Iberostar Cancun



Lagoon view to the left, ocean view to the right. From Secrets The Vine Cancun.

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