Girlfriend Getaway to Riu Cancun

 I just finished my College internship at Apple Vacations and eager to go a girlfriend getaway before school starts this semester. My best friend Tara and I couldn’t wait for oour first Apple Vacation. She is already quite an avid and frequent traveler, where as I have not even been to Canada or anywhere outside of the U.S. borders before.  After thinking long and hard about where to go, I narrowed our choices to Punta Cana and Cancun but finally decided on Riu Cancun.


During our vacation we hung out on the beach and the pools. Cancun is beautiful!


When we first got to the hotel we met with our Apple representative, they were easy to spot in the brightly colored flowered shirts. He briefly went through the different excursions and activities that we could do while at Riu Cancun. Our Apple Rep called us a few times in our room to make sure we were having a good time, and to remind us about our departure information. After a day of traveling, we decided to get a massage to help us wind down. Next on the agenda was dinner at Don Juan. Much to our liking they had such an amazing variety of food at the buffet.  I’ll admit my friend and I are obsessed with guacamole! We ate so much of it throughout our trip, I am surprised we didn’t turn into green avocado monsters.


Lobby of Riu Cancun


During our vacation, we hung out on the beach and the pools, we even played with a baby tiger that was being fostered nearby. I wasn’t expecting that! It was adorable and so fun to touch the tiger let alone hold one and play with it. We met and talked with many different people from all over the world such as, New York, Australia, England, Scotland, Argentina, and many more countries. Considering how big this world is I was shocked when I met a family that was from where I live now! It was so fun to see where everyone has been and was going. For some, Cancun was merely a pit stop on a world tour, and for others it was a two week long, beach escape.


Yup! That's a baby tiger! Her name is Bella 🙂 so cute!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the shows at night…we went to 3 of them. The first was traditional Mexican dancing and singing. This was definitely my favorite, the costumes were amazing and the energy was just captivating. The Mariachi band that played the music was so authentic and talented. The next night was Michael Jackson and the final show was a Dog and Cat show which was very amusing with audience participation. We went to a couple of the hotel restaurants, Corazone (Brazilian) and La Mision (Steakhouse). Both had great service and amazing food.


Ocean front view during dinner!

I had a remarkable time on vacation in Cancun, and I cannot wait to go back some day. I loved working with Apple Vacations these past months. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity and a trip of a lifetime!

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