Turtle Release in Cancun, Mexico

This summer in Cancun, my family and I were able to experience something we never saw before – a turtle release!  It was so unique and one of the best parts of our trip. At dinner one night we were told about it, so we investigated and I am so glad we did!

Iberostar Cancun Turtle Release

We were told that each night giant sea turtles come on the beach to lay eggs. So around 11 pm we headed down to the beach. Sure enough along the shore line, there were several large sea turtles burrowing in the ground.  They had dug in and were flapping around in the sand.

Each of the turtles was surrounded by several scouts and students who were there to protect them. I spoke to a student named Chris who explained it was his social service project to go to the beach each night. When the turtles swim to shore they protect them.  They surround them so tourists don’t bother them and they can lay eggs. Until they have laid their eggs, they ask you not to go near the turtle, touch it or take photos.

The students then take the eggs to a “nest” they have created out of the way, where they mark the date and time.  It is a roped off area of the beach were the eggs are buried until they hatch.


Turtle Release Nest


If you are in Cancun next July and August, make sure you ask about the turtle release!

We were lucky on the night we went, turtles were coming on the beach, and eggs fromprevious turtles were hatching!  We got to hold the little baby turtles and release them back into the ocean.

It was an amazing experience and one my son will surely not forget. When it was approved, I was able to snap a few photos.  If you are in Cancun next July and August, make sure you ask about the turtle release!



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