#BeachThursday – Top 5 Dreamy Beaches

A common question I hear at Apple Vacations – Where is the best beach?

Sit back, relax and imagine warm, tropical breezes tickling your skin as I take you on a tour of the Top 5 Dreamy Beaches to go to on an Apple Vacation!

1. Bavaro Beach – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Named one of the top ten beaches in the world by National Geographic, Bavaro Beach is an immense stretch of beautiful white sand beach, dotted with swaying tropical palms and bordering along warm turquoise waters. Bavaro boasts a majestic coral reef for diving and other water activities.

Photo Credit: Apple Vacations - Bavaro Beach - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


2. Playa de Los Muertos – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta‘s golden beaches and indigo waters invite carefree bayside relaxation. The famous Playa de Los Muertos (“Dead Man’s Beach”) is named for a legendary story that this stretch of sand was a hub of pirate activity during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Photo Credit: Apple Vacations - Playa del los Muertos - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


3. Waikiki Beach – Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki is most famous for its beaches. With Diamond Head as your backdrop, the calm waters of Waikiki are perfect for a surfing lesson.

Photo Credit: Apple Vacations - Waikiki Beach - Oahu, Hawaii


4. Maroma Beach – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Often nominated as one of the best beaches in the world, Maroma Beach is Mexico’s most exclusive beach hideaway. Determined to preserve its ecological balance, Maroma is a world away from the Yucatan hot spots’ hustle and bustle. Set against 500-acres of lush jungle, the beach is a pristine stretch of sand slipping in the calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

Photo Credit: Apple Vacations - Maroma Beach - Riviera Maya, Mexico


5. Playa Tamarindo – Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Located in the northwest of the country on the Pacific side, Guanacaste is known for its beautiful beaches, incredible bird watching, excellent surfing and superb snorkeling.

Photo Credit: Apple Vacations - Playa Tamarindo - Guanacaste, Costa Rica



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